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Benefits of Glocal Platform for Urban Finance

Strengthening Partnerships

Enhancing Collaboration for Sustainable Urban Development

Fostering Investment

Boosting Financial Capacities and Stakeholder Investments

Innovative Financing

Testing and Implementing Transformative Financial Solutions for Cities

Our Services

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Connecting Global, Regional and National Financial Mechanisms

Link existing financial mechanisms globally, regionally, and nationally. Transform these mechanisms for high local benefits and opportunities.

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Facilitating Dialogue and Networking

Facilitate dialogues on city-specific solutions for local and global issues. Create networks and mechanisms for knowledge sharing and best practices.

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Efficient Use of Financial Resources

Prevent inefficient interactions between real estate and capital markets. Provide tailored investments for cities, ensuring economic, environmental, and social impacts.

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Knowledge Sharing and Investment Opportunities

Act as a one-stop shop to share financial opportunities available for cities. Connect cities with potential investments and investors with urban initiatives globally.

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Advocacy and Policy Support

Advocate for city-friendly financing mechanisms and regulations. Provide guidance on accessing financial markets and meeting investment requirements.

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Innovation Hub for Urban Finance

Establish an innovation hub to incubate and support creative solutions in urban finance. Encourage research and development initiatives, fostering a culture of innovation.

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Global Investor Connectivity

Connect investors globally to various investment opportunities in cities. Promote lesser-known investment opportunities to potential investors worldwide.

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Public-Private Partnerships

Foster public-private partnerships between municipalities and financial institutions. Define urban finance arrangements based on contextual needs and procedures.

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Testing and Implementing Financial Tools

Test new financial tools, models, and approaches for urban finance. Consolidate a global network to discuss and innovate urban finance solutions.

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Localizing Global Agendas

Provide technical advisory services to localize global and national agendas. Advocate for the strong role of cities in global challenges.

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Expert Support and Network

Support cities through a multi-stakeholder network from concept design to evaluation. Utilize the UN-Habitat Global Urban Monitoring Framework for evidence-based decision-making.

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Technical Capacity Building

Assist cities in building technical capacities to assess and access financial models. Provide additional financing resources for technical training and skill development.