Glocal Platform for Urban Finance (GPUF)

is an innovative solution that connects financial products to urban needs to advance the sustainability agenda and achieve SDGs.

World Summit on SDG Cities and Urban Finance

The World Summit hosted by the Pavilion on February 13th and 14th marked a significant moment for the Glocal Platform for Urban Finance (GPUF), bringing together global leaders, investors, and urban stakeholders to discuss urban transformations, focusing on Toronto, Canada. The event emphasized collaboration with UNHabitat's SDG Cities Initiative, showcasing best practices and exploring investment opportunities to foster inclusive and sustainable urban futures worldwide.

Empowering Sustainability Startups

Our hub and platform are committed to supporting early-stage startups dedicated to sustainability by offering tailored guidance and resources for their Go-To-Market strategies, including expert mentorship, market analysis, and networking opportunities. Through leveraging our platform, these startups access actionable insights that accelerate their growth, aiming to promote innovative solutions for a more sustainable and livable future.

PipeGuard Solutions

Nano-Coating Sensor for Instant Detection of Hydrocarbon Leakages

ProLogix Construction Tech

Smart Solutions for Construction Material and Equipment Management

Kinmen OPV Pioneers

Solar Cells: Morphological & Mechanical Robustness

Kyogasah SAHs Labs

Biodegradable and Sustainable Super-Absorbent Hydrogels

Comune Metal Tech

Anti-Corrosion & Fouling Coatings for Thermal Equipment


Biodegradable, Improved, & Low-Cost drilling Mud with Better Thermal Stability

Who We Are

We're a dynamic team of urban finance experts and innovators committed to revitalizing cities into sustainable, thriving centers of growth. Our expertise in the urban financial landscape enables us to connect global strategies with local needs, empowering cities with tailored financial solutions through innovative technologies and strategic partnerships. At our core, we're champions of change, driving progress and shaping resilient, inclusive, and prosperous urban futures fueled by the belief in cities' potential to lead global transformation.

World Summit on SDG Cities and Urban Finance

GPUF, in collaboration with WUP and UN-Habitat, hosts a global gathering where world-class entrepreneurs connect, expand, and share cutting-edge urban innovations, approaches, and technologies. We're dedicated to aligning urbanization, economic growth, innovations, social development, and investment opportunities with the SDG Cities Initiative and the Glocal Platform for Urban Finance.

What We Do

Benefits of Glocal Platform for Urban Finance:

Strengthening Partnerships

Fostering Investment

Innovative Financing

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